WAGET is sponsoring a research project this summer and invites the public to offer questions for discussion and idea generation on this question:

“Can basketball bridge and build Wisconsin youth?”

Project Definitions and Vocabulary 

1   “Basketball” means organized, unorganized, teams, camps, any level, any skill, any form;

2   “Bridge” means bridging divisions, geography, ages, interests, genders, races, beliefs;

3   “Build” means building skills, character, maturity, reliability, hope;

4   “Wisconsin” means all 72 counties

5   “Youth” means males and females under 18.

The Problem and Opportunity  

1   Wisconsin’s present — Some long simmering divisions in Milwaukee and between urban and non-urban communities may negatively affect the city’s and state’s future;

2   Wisconsin sports — We like sports; we support our youth in it; sports may be a way to unify and strengthen our communities;

3   Wisconsin youth – We want to help them develop good character and life/leadership skills;

4   Wisconsin’s future — Youth can help reinforce a stronger future for Wisconsin by building relationships and remaining here to grow communities.

Project Assumptions 

1   Anyone of any age in the state may contribute ideas;

2   We have an interest in reaching out to all the current efforts; we will honor all that has been done and is being done in the city and state;

3   “What’s in it for me?” is a legitimate question;

4   There’s no limit to results if you don’t want credit;

5   Use lessons from non-sports models like Badger Boys/Girls State; Fox Connection

2017 Project Steps 

1   June and July:  Listen and research

2   August:  Organize ideas and identify possible distinguished advisors

3   September:   Conduct a day with distinguished advisors

4   October:   Deliver a proof-of-concept report


Project Manager:  Connor Weas is a 2017 Dean’s List graduate of Lawrence University and was academic all-conference, Lawrence Men’s Basketball Captain; sales associate, Champs Sports; tournament employee, NY2LA Sports; Junior Varsity Summer League Coach; Boys and Girls Club tutor; Hunger Task Force volunteer.

Everyone may comment to him or ask for a follow up contact: cweas34@gmail.com; text: 414-916-5527